Sometimes we experience errors with our apps. Its a set of codes, it has no interpretation skills unless we give it. 

App crashes after update
There is an error reported by one of my friends that his app was crashing when he upgraded / overwrite a previous installation. 

Solution - Uninstall the app completely, reinstall it. To uninstall any app, (short way) locate it in your list of apps, tap and hold till you have an option to uninstall. Drag the app to the uninstall option. Otherwise, (long way) go to Settings --> Apps --> tap on the app you want to uninstall and tap Uninstall. 

Some images (questions are missing). This is actually fixed. However, I haven't published the update on app store as yet. Last thing I need is to give you updates every week! That might be annoying...
It is updated on the immediately. You can uninstall old app, download and reinstall new app. 

Solution - if you do not have the update, please select the same test and tap download test a second time. Apologies for the inconvenience in this, working with those images was a paid to begin with!

Send us an email of any errors you discover. We will be happy to review and correct it. Our user's experience is very important!