Institutional Subscription

Students of the Caribbean are struggling with mathematics, a core subject of our society. We recognize that there are limitations to the efforts of Governments, Teachers, Parents and Students trying to curb the problem. As such, we have designed a project that will try to use available and growing technologies to provide materials to students.
The project has different phases.
Phase one is the development of an app that works on Android platform.  The examination board, CXC, does not allow students to keep copies of the Multiple Choice Questions paper after writing an exam. It is therefore very difficult for students to practice this section of exam. The main feature of the app is to provide students with over 3000 Multiple Choice Questions. This phase is complete. You can download the app on the Google Play Store, look for our logo, or visit our website or this link:

We launched our app on January 30, 2017. You can read about it from the news links below: 

Demerara Waves: link 
Guyana chronicle: link 
Caribbean life : link 
Barbados: link
Trinidad : link 
Jamaica : link 

Phase two is to expand the app from only multiple choice questions to video and other resources that will help students better understand each topic. There are lots of videos on YouTube but what we plan to implement will be better in many ways. 

In order to deliver this much needed and valuable material to students across the Caribbean, we are seeking your financial assistance in the form of a subscription to the app. We (and you) know it is difficult for many students to afford any form of subscription. With your help of $1,500 per year we will be able to continue developing the product and never charge students. 

As an extra motivational element and in recognition of your contribution, each student passing mathematics will be presented with an award in your name. Your logo will also be featured in our app and other materials as a premium sponsor.

As a university, we also want to encourage students to enroll at your school after they are finished with high school. It is a great way for your university to bring in diversity into your classroom. 

With your help, we can certainly curb the math problem in the world, one section at a time starting with the Caribbean.

On behalf of the students of the Caribbean, THANK YOU!

Surendra Dhanpaul