The People
We are a group of people from various parts of the Caribbean who have not only recognized the necessity for a modern medium to communicate between students and exam, but we have acted on it. We each brought unique skills, knowledge and experience to the project. 

We are:

   Name  Nationality  Function

Omeika & Surendra Dhanpaul

American & Guyanese


Anand Misir BSc (Honours) Physics


Math Enthusiast


Rosemarie Rajwant


Standards Consultant

Brandon Barton


Business Development Manager

Product Design
The questions are generated automatically using a system we built. We submit a question to the system, the system analyzes the question and makes 50 variations of the question. 

Questions are stored in our server. The app acts as a front end, gets the questions from the server and puts them on your phone.

Building such a system is not an easy task. First of all, you need to dream of "something" that can do what we have built. Once you have a dream, you start following it. "Something" becomes an app, it becomes databases, it becomes management, marketing and much more. 

Elements of the Project:
  • Conceptualization
  • Question creation
  • Question replication
  • Database Design
  • PHP Scripts
  • Java coding
  • Website Design
  • Marketing