Mathematics and English are two subjects that every student sitting CSEC must write. Of the two, there is a consensus that math pass rate is a major issue facing, not only the students but the Caribbean as a society. 
From the point of the student - no Mathematics equals no job. 

From the point of the teacher - it is disappointing when pass rates are low. How do I improve as a teacher or do I give up? 

As a parent - an unemployed child is one who is likely to engage in negative activities. 

Government - how do they create a better environment that allows children , not only the opportunity to learn math but to understand and pass the CXC exam. My guess is that in a few years, governments might all agree that the age of writing CXC be pushed up to 18. 

The entire society is on a downward spiral; it becomes increasingly harder for society to elevate. 

The objective of this project is to create a solution of mobile education. The first phase is creating an app that provides students over 3000 multiple choice questions. Make the errors before the exam. 
How it works:
We have 60 questions that follow the CXC syllabus. Those 60 questions are entered into a system we created that automatically generates 50 variations of those questions. 
The system is setup in such a way that we can write a new question and generate 50 variations immediately. 
The 3000 questions are stored on our server. The app acts as a front end to download (sync) the questions from the server to the mobile device. You can then use the app and practice the questions.

The next phase of the project is to add tutoring materials such as videos, etc making it a full teaching app. 

In the meantime, practice makes perfect. Students keep practicing the questions and you will ace the exam. 

We need your support to ensure that the project continues and reaches it full potential. Visit the institutional subscription page to find out how you can support the project.